A flower subscription from Van Poelgeest

A flower subscription guarantees you a fresh bouquet every week for your counter, desk or in the reception area. Of course this can also be done at home. 
On the basis of such a flower subscription, Van Poelgeest Bloemsierkunst has been supplying fresh bouquets/flower arrangements every week for years to large and small renowned companies and to people's homes in Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam, Schiphol and the surrounding area.

How Does It Work?

On a fixed date agreed in advance, our driver will deliver the flowers to you complete with a loaner vase. He then takes back the vase from the week before. So you never have to put flowers on water or throw away old flowers. Thanks to this flower subscription, you have the cosiness of a fresh and colorful bouquet on your desk/coffee table every week.

A tailor-made offer

Every company and every person has their own wishes. Of course we take this into account and we will be happy to visit you without obligation to make an inventory of your wishes, after which we will send you a suitable offer.